Stainless Steel Scrap


Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant alloy of iron, chromium and as per the requirement includes nickel and other metals as well. Stainless steel is a completely recyclable material having good life and increasingly becoming an essential part of sustainable construction. It is environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically appealing and hygienic as well – inviting its extensive usage in food manufacturing and food processing industries as well.

Shabro proudly associates itself in trading and supplies of various Grades and Forms of Stainless Steel Scrap from across the globe to our valued customers located in various countries. We operate on a unique principle of supply to be driven by demand and have the core competence in identifying and locating the right customer for the right grade/shape of the material. This helps in great value creation for both our suppliers as well as customers.

Shabro has an extensive sourcing network in various countries such as USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Japan,  Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Baltic region as well. We are actively selling these scraps to our customers in India as well as in various other countries as well (third country trading).

Typical grades which we are doing are in both solids and turnings form

201 solids

304 solids

304 Turnings

316 L

316 solids

316 Turnings

430 solids

316 L

201 Solids
304 Solids
304 Turnings
316 L
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316 Solids
316 turnings 1
316 Turnings
430 Solids
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430 Turnings