Stainless Steel Scrap Foundry Grades

Shabro has diversified well into the varied needs of the foundries in India. With special focus on High Nickel alloys, High Temperature alloys and other grades, we are catering to all the leading foundries in India and also serving various customers, who are in turn processing these scraps to cater to mid-size or small-size foundries in the country. Our sourcing is impeccable with focus on quality and we only source from verified locations with high degree of accountability. Some of the grades which we are regularly doing are as below :-

1 (14)
304 L
1 (2)
316 L
316 plates (1)
304 / 316 Plates & Cuts
1 (4)
Duplex 2205
SMP 2507
Inconel 718
Hastelloy C 276