Chairman’s Message


Embarking on a journey of success requires determination, foresight and strategy. These qualities lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. After being in the Steel Industry for more than 38 years and having spent nearly 16 years at Raipur and Nagpur works , Central India, we envisioned a Company which would offer a diverse portfolio of services in the Metallurgical sector, not restricted only to commodities.

Shabro Metallic Private Limited  (SHABRO), is suitably placed on a platform to realize its vision of becoming a global conglomerate in the Metallurgical Sector. Expanding its reach, SMPL has established its wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore “SIPL” and representative offices in Shanghai (China), Houston (USA), Bangkok (Thailand), Durban (South Africa), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Manila (Philippine).

Our Philosophy – Trust, Courage, Innovation And Growth

  • Our word is Our Bond – It is our endeavor to be fair, transparent and trust people
  • Delivering with conviction- support decisions and actions with commitment
  • Maintaining the integrity in business dealings through continuous monitoring and adoption of best practice without any compromise and concession
  • Sustained and mutual growth of employees along with Organization
  • Thinking laterally, developing leadership, envisioning the future and encouraging new ideas to move forward

Our Goal

  • To enhance our product portfolio by leveraging our domain knowledge, expertise and resources
  • Fostering global partnerships and alliances based on pillars of mutual trust, high ethical and moral values and unswerving commitment to our business associates
  • Being the business partner of choice
  • As a responsible Corporate, contribute effectively to the Sustainable development of society

SHABRO endeavors to strive, to seek, to reach and to further excel in each of our business streams. With each milestone that we achieve, we set ourselves a higher benchmark to reach.